Update May 2, 2023

Checked and refactored our weather data provider's sources. Now we have more correct data, YEEAAHA!

Update March 7, 2023

Done! Successfully added new Solar Storm source LOVOZERO

Update March 7, 2023

Done! Successfully added new Solar Storm source LOVOZERO

Update March 2, 2023

Yeehaa, we added hourly charts for each weather indicator.

Update January 20, 2023

Added chat rooms by the countries. Now you can speak with weather-dependent people from your local country.

Update December 14, 2022

Some bug and UI fixes

Update November 7, 2022

EPIC update for app design and interface

Update September 10, 2022

Added Weather Pain Index (WPI)

Update August 21, 2022

New update for chart: country rooms and replies tab

Update July 4, 2022

BIG update for Chat: now you can reply and pin any message.

Update April 27, 2022

Fixed and refactored a lot of backend code (like weather data provider sources, weather forecast algos, etc)

Update February 12, 2022

Added iOS widgets to the Meteoagent App. So, you can try it! :) Android widgets are in process.

Update November 29, 2021

Yooohoo! We've launched Meteoagent on Android and invite Android users to try our application!

Update October 28, 2021

The Android application is 80% complete, there are still minor improvements in design and adaptation of the work for these smartphones to be made.Planned update: October 31, 2021

Update October 2, 2021

We are still working on the the possibility of running Meteoagent on the Android smartphones. And soon we will make it available on these devices.

Update September 20, 2021

We are preparing for a major update of the application, so we decided to check up all the code and a bit of the design first. Nothing interesting :)

Update September 5, 2021

Added a lunar calendar to the Meteoagent for those who are sure that the Moon has an influence on them.

Update August 15, 2021

Our team is on vacation, working only on critical bugs and errors (do not forget to report them to us).

Update July 6, 2021

Improved design, now scrolling pages is smoother. Also, we've started a research on weather dependence in the United States.

Update June 29, 2021

Sunlight-sensitive Users - just for you, we've added a source of UV data!

Update Jun 14, 2021

Meteoagent has added a simple assessment of your current state of health, which will form the basis of the future function "Health Diary"

Update May 20, 2021

Changes in the business model of the application:

  • Subscription $ 1 / month for access to meteorological activity forecast.
  • A whole month of free access for all the new users!
  • The old users by this date get a LIFETIME access.

Update May 3, 2021

The app has been redesigned to show more forecast on one screen.

Update from April 20, 2021

The technology for analyzing solar activity TESIS from LPI RAS has been added, now the solar activity forecast is 14 days deeper.

Update April 8, 2021

There is never too much weather data, so we've added new sources of getting weather forecast and now we have 2 forecast providers!

Update February 5, 2021

Updated the application, the main thing we did was the processing of all the users' errors that had arrived after the public launch.

Update January 25, 2021

Hooray, the first version of Meteoagent is already available in the Apple App Store:

Update January 17, 2021

Of course, the AppStore did not let the app through for the first time and rejected it due to privacy policy references. But these are trifles, the release is close!

Update January 15, 2021

Somehow it happened that we successfully integrated the back-end with the front, passed all the tests and ... finished the work ahead of schedule. We've sent the application for verification to the AppStore.

Update January 5, 2021

The work is completed, we are starting to bring the front and back together and test the whole thing.Planned update: January 30, 2021

Update December 27, 2020

No, our fears aren't confirmed - the only thing worse than JTBD is weather service APIs and weather forecasting as such. We continue to work on the back-end, we plan to finish this exactly on January 5, 2021.

Update December 20, 2020

We had 2 servers, 7 figma layouts, 3 MacBook Pro, a leaked competitor user database, and a sea of different hypotheses, ideas and guesses, as well as 100 liters of coffee, 10 liters of juice, a box of cookies, a pint of pure water, and 12 vials of valerian tincture.Not that all this was absolutely necessary to launch a startup, but once you start making an MVP, you have to take it seriously.The only thing we were concerned about was JTBD. Nothing in the world is more helpless, irresponsible, and vicious than JTBD. We knew that sooner or later we would move on to that stuff, too.

Update December 10, 2020

We've finished designing the application graphic layouts, outlined their logic, prepared the documentation and are proceeding to work on the back-end.

Update November 25, 2020

We realized that it’s strange to make an application for the Apple Watch without having an iOS application as a base. We shifted the concept towards smartphones.

Birth of an idea November 23, 2020

On this day, the Meteoagent was invented. It was conceived as an application for the Apple Watch (which no one in the team had at the time) which would show weather data important for weather-sensitive people.

Control Your Weather Pain:

METEOAGENT is a mobile app designed for weather-sensitive individuals who experience meteoropathy symptoms (weather pains)

Meteoagent displays sudden weather changes and alerts people of any potential impacts on their well-being

Now is the time to use weather prediction technologies to protect your health
  • Follow the weather changes
  • Understand weather pain
  • Adapt your health to the weather