This is a solar flare forecast app designed for individuals sensitive to weather changes who experience meteoropathy, also known as weather pains

Weather & Health Technology:
MeteoAgent monitors sudden weather changes such as solar storms (geomagnetic activity) and alerts people about any potential impacts on their well-being.
  • Follow the weather changes
  • Understand your weather pains
  • Adapt your body to the weather

Weather Forecast

Accurate weather forecasts for any city in the world

Well-Being Journal

Diary of well-being with weather data analytics

Global Community

10,000+ weather-dependent people around the world

Control Your Weather Pain:

METEOAGENT is a mobile app designed for weather-sensitive individuals who experience meteoropathy symptoms (weather pains)

Meteoagent displays sudden weather changes and alerts people of any potential impacts on their well-being

Now is the time to use weather prediction technologies to protect your health
  • Follow the weather changes
  • Understand weather pain
  • Adapt your health to the weather
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