October 6 - October 19: No solar storms expected for next 2 weeks
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Solar Storms (also, geomagnetic storms) - are internal reactions of the Sun: solar mass ejections, flares on the surface and other actions that result in the energy that dissipates from the Sun in all directions, including the Earth; and colliding with its magnetosphere, it provokes geomagnetic activity.

Solar & Geomagnetic Storms Forecast October 2022

Online forecast of solar and geomagnetic storms is calculated using satellite systems NOAA, TESIS and scientific international weather laboratories around the world.

The forecast is updated online as such data is received from Sun activity
(usually, each 10 min).

Next Solar Storm Warnings:

October 20-21, K-index 4 (medium level)

Accurate forecast of Solar Storms
(geomagnetic storms) for October 2022

Updated: October 4, 2022
Data Sources: Solar Activity by Space Weather Prediction Center National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration & TESIS by LPI RAS


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